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Linking extension educators, emergency managers, and community officials to enhance resilience and reduce the impact of disasters in New York communities.
Radiological Incidents
Nuclear energy is a source of electrical power in many areas of the United States. In fact, 20% of our nation's electricity is generated by 100+ nuclear reactors at 65 commercial nuclear power plants.  New York State has three commercially licensed nuclear power plants with six nuclear reactors.
New York State Office of Emergency Management (OEM) has developed a comprehensive Radiological Emergency Preparedness Plan (REPP) to address any emergency at the nuclear power plants. Prompt notification systems have been installed to alert residents of an emergency within a ten-mile radius of the nuclear power plants which is designated the Emergency Planning Zone (EPZ).


              Indian Point Power ​Generation


Radiation Emergencies - CDC plays a key role in protecting the public's health during a radiological emergency.

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) - is the lead agency in responding to radiological events that have the potential to affect the U.S. or its territories.

Dirty Bombs​ - fact sheet on radiological dispersal devices. U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission.

New York State Radiologic Emergency Preparedness for the Agriculture Comunity - Ingestion Pathway Book Jan 2015​